!Belieber Zone!


Justin Bieber was born in the year of 1994 on the 1st March at 12.56am. His parents Pattie Lynn Mallette and Jeremy Jack Bieber split up when little Justin was born. He grew up in a small town called Stratford, Ontario, Canada where he lived with his mum. Justin Attended Avon Public School, Bedford Public School, and Downie Central Public School.  Justin made a YouTube account under the user “kidrauhl” and his mum always helped him upload videos of him singing so that his family could see.

Justin entered various singing competitions and always did very well in them. He also played hockey and basketball and was a very athletic and talented little boy. He started to play the drum at the age of 2 and at the age of 4 his mum Pattie bought him a mini drum set and showed very impressive skills at it.

Justin Bieber always watched Ryan and his band practice and would go down and see him play on the drums. Later on, he got taught the beats and never stopped. Bieber once played for a jazz concert on the drums and was already famous since he was little.

After years of Justin Bieber posting videos of him singing on YouTube, One day his manager Scooter Braun came across his videos and found him very good and had to get in contact with him. He rang Pattie and they had a very long discussion about Justin career in singing and made them a deal that he would fly them to Atlanta and make him record a few songs and if they didn’t want to do it they could fly back.

They flew up to Atlanta where Justin met his idol “Usher” and performed one of his songs for him. He found him very impressive and then moved on his career closer and closer each year.

In 2010-2011, Justin made his “My world Tour” performing over 80 shows and he loves every bit of it.

He hopes that his music inspires others and says that he will be still running in 30 years time! And it’s all because of us “BELIEBERS!”